The Secret Government
Plot to Control Your
Money Now Underway

“The information I want to send you could soon be classified ‘Top Secret’ by the U.S. government — and perhaps even banned for dissemination under the pretext of ‘national security.” — Mike Burnick

Mike Burnick

Hello. This is Mike Burnick.

Just three years ago, we all discovered that the U.S. government has been engaged in a top secret campaign of illegal surveillance that even George Orwell could not have imagined.

We learned that every phone call we make ... every email we send ... every credit card and bank transaction we undertake ... is being recorded, logged and tracked.

And we quickly discovered that the government has been pushing the outside of the constitutional envelope when it comes to domestic surveillance.

Surveillance cameras are now everywhere. License plate readers track the movements of all our vehicles. DNA samples are being forcibly recorded.  Local police forces use Stingray scanners to track and record cell phones.

But even this level of Orwellian spying has not satisfied government bureaucrats.

In the next few minutes, I’ll reveal a conspiracy among Western governments, the world’s biggest banks and Internet billionaires to track EVERY transaction ... every purchase you make, no matter how small or personal.

Government snoops want a global system of total financial surveillance

As usual, the U.S. government justifies this further attack on citizens’ privacy and constitutional rights as a necessary part of the “war on terror.”

But its real purpose is clear:

To enact a global system of total financial surveillance that is unprecedented in its scope and ambition.

To do that, they plan to totally ELIMINATE physical currencies ...

... and to force ALL financial transactions to be conducted electronically with bank debit cards, Paypal, Google Cash and Apple Pay, and other electronic payment systems.

I know that may sound hard to believe ... but please hear me out.

Dead broke governments worldwide want to eliminate cash altogether

Establishment politicians HATE cash because it makes it impossible for THEM to spy on YOU!

You might not think it’s a big deal when you see college kids pay for coffee with their iPhones at Starbucks ... but it’s actually part of an elaborate plan to gradually eliminate the use of cash in the global economy.

You see, governments everywhere HATE cash.

That’s because cash transactions are private — and usually are difficult to tax.

As a result, governments have decided to make cash transactions increasingly inconvenient and then eventually illegal.

For years now, government bureaucrats, the big banks and Internet billionaires have been secretly creating the infrastructure for what I call “digital totalitarianism.”

Each component of this infrastructure — debit cards, mobile payment systems, digital currencies — seem harmless enough at first.

The public has been told that these advances in digital technology are convenient, totally safe — and make the online economy possible.

And yet, when put together, these incremental advances have created a system of financial surveillance and control that is truly terrifying — and utterly unprecedented.

And now ...

Governments are finally beginning to
show their hands

  • The State of Louisiana recently made it a criminal offense to pay with cash for second-hand items, such as used books, at flea markets and garage sales ...
  • London buses no longer take cash of any kind ...
  • In both France and Italy, residents are now prohibited from making cash transactions of more than 1,000 euros, down from the recent limit of
    3,000 euros ...
  • In Demark, the Danish Parliament recently proposed a law that would allow stores to refuse to accept any cash payments in exchange for goods
    or services ...
  • In many Central and South American countries, finger-printing is required by certain stores and businesses if you pay in cash with $100 or more ...
  • And in the United States, Internet tycoons such as Bill Gates and the big banks are now actively lobbying the government to outlaw cash altogether ...
  • Politicians and bankers in the U.S. and Europe are now calling for the elimination of all large-denomination bills, including the $100, £50, and
    €500 bills ...

As with NSA surveillance of ordinary citizens, the official reason given for this war on cash is to fight terrorism, drug trafficking and tax evasion ... but the REAL reasons are far more sinister ...

All of your wealth will be under the TOTAL control
of the big banks!

Governments in North America and Europe face a HUGE problem.

They are saddled with unprecedented levels of DEBT.

When all of its promised but unfunded liabilities are totaled up, the U.S. government alone owes an estimated $58 trillion.

And there is a very real possibility of another tsunami of bank failures that will devastate the global economy.

But this time there is NOTHING the world’s central banks can to do stop it.

The banks have already cut interest rates to ZERO.

They can’t force the world’s citizens to spend their hard-earned money so the governments can tax it with hidden Value Added Taxes (VAT), sales taxes and income taxes.

But eliminating CASH transactions solves this problem ...

If cash is outlawed, then central banks can implement negative interest rates — and the only way citizens can avoid taking a financial hit is to SPEND their money ... which governments can then TAX.

Even worse, in an “emergency,” governments can decide to use their own citizens’ savings to bail out the big banks — the way Cyprus did in 2012 in the so-called “bail in.”

If all money is electronic and can’t be withdrawn or stored in cash, then with a click of a mouse government bureaucrats could FREEZE all financial assets — and gain instantaneous and total control of a country’s people ...

However, here’s the delicious part of all this: The nefarious schemes of the government plotters will actually backfire ... have the OPPOSITE result of what they’re planning ... and could make you RICH in the process.

You see, some of the tiny tech companies pioneering the digital payment revolution are also the very ones throwing monkey wenches into the government’s massive surveillance machines!

Apple computer is now giving the NSA fits with its uncrackable “end to end” encryption systems — built into every iPhone on the planet

Just as Apple computer gave the FBI fits with its uncrackable “end–to-end” encryption systems — built into every iPhone on the planet — so, too, some digital payment companies are creating the technologies to keep the government from prying into your personal finances.

From the San Bernardino terrorist attack in 2015, we learned that the U.S. government has been powerless to access newer models of the Apple iPhone locked with a password. It was forced to sue Apple to get the company to write special code so the phone would not “auto-destruct” when hacked.

In other words: The government’s push increased financial surveillance could end up actually making your finances MORE private, not less!

Bitcoin is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are dozens of small, undiscovered companies out there that are giving the IRS and the Feds in general NIGHTMARES.

Digital payment companies are working to create unbreakable encryption for financial transactions.

These companies are creating technologies that let you buy products digitally AND keep your finances private.

The companies have no choice: The only way digital payment can work is through encryption technologies that make it impossible for data thieves to steal people’s financial information.

And these technologies are rapidly outpacing the ability of government snoops to overcome them!

Introducing a $15 to $25 TRILLION market

And make no mistake: The potential profits from this massive, unstoppable shift to digital payment are simply mind-boggling.

A cover story in Forbes magazine characterizes the move from cash to digital payment systems as “the $15 trillion gold rush.”

That’s actually a conservative estimate.

The real number is closer to $25 trillion.

I quote:

“Money is going mobile, and the race is on to control the flow of bits and cash across a billion smart phones and at millions of online and physical locations ...

“Research firm Gartner estimates that mobile payments will top $720 billion a year by 2017, up from $235 billion last year. The upside remains enormous: Humans made $15 trillion worth of retail transactions in 2013” alone!

And all of those trillions of dollars flowing through electronic pipelines are already sending digital payment and privacy stocks into the stratosphere ... DESPITE the recent volatility in the market as a whole.

Imagine making almost 10 times your money
in a single year!

Mike Burnick, Director of the Edelson Institute, whose team identifies key trends shaping the global economy to help subscribers make eye-popping profits.

As I said, my name is Mike Burnick. I’m the Director of the Edelson Institute, a think tank dedicated to helping you avoid serious dangers to your portfolio and to guiding you to the best profit opportunities available.

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When it comes to avoiding dangers to your retirement and portfolio, we’ve also been right on the money ...

Our unique and proprietary research tools accurately warned investors ahead of time of the devastating market crash of 1987.

They also warned about the real estate crash in 2007. Those who listened and took immediate steps to protect themselves saved their retirements.

And in March of 2009, Edelson very publicly said the worst of the crash was over ... and that the market would rally. The market soared 255% up until 2015 when we saw a flat, volatile market.

I’m not saying any of this to brag. Instead, I want to demonstrate to you that our research leads to highly-accurate forecasts.

Forecasts that — if you take action — could make you a fortune, while insulating your wealth from the worse-case scenario.

Yet these past forecasts are nothing compared to what’s coming over the next several months and years.

Because despite the recent volatility, we’ve gone on record with a new prediction: We’re on the verge of an historic boom in the markets ...

... a boom that will make a few bold investors astonishingly rich but will leave the majority on the sidelines.

And one of the KEY trends driving this historic boom — for good and for ill — is the movement of TRILLIONS of dollars out of the cash economy into digital payment systems.

In the next few minutes, I want to show you how you can profit from this trend — and why the switch to electronic payments is a unique opportunity to multiply your wealth by up to 10 times in the coming months and years.

Here’s how you can FIGHT BACK — And potentially get filthy, stinking RICH in the process!

If you act quickly, you could make a fortune by investing in companies that are developing technologies to STOP this new form of digital tyranny.

These companies are part of the War on Cash ... They are developing digital payment platforms that could end up making cash obsolete.

But as I said earlier, many of these companies are also developing technologies that will make your finances MORE private, not less.

The same thing happened with digital communications.

The Feds funded the development of email and social media technologies — in the belief that they could then spy on everyone’s communications — but they didn’t take into account human ingenuity and entrepreneurial drive.

The same companies developing digital communications were also inventing next-generation encryption technologies to STOP the Feds’ illegal and unconstitutional spying.

Now the genie is out of the bottle ... and there is nothing the NSA can do to stop it.

The same dynamic is happening with digital payment.

Dozens of companies are going along with the Feds’ War on Cash ... making digital payments the new standard ... but they are ALSO secretly developing ways to make it impossible for anyone to monitor these payments.

And guess what: Many of these stocks have already taken off like a Saturn V rocket despite the recent volatility in the market as a whole ...

Here’s one example of what I call Stock A: It’s an up-and-coming mobile payment and privacy company, based in Cincinnati, with annual revenues of $2.5 billion.

This company’s stock price shot up from $19.52 a share in November 2012 to $52.59 a share just three years later.

Stock A: Up 169% in 3 three years!

That represents a total return of 169.4% — or an average return of about 39.15% per year.

With annual returns like that, a $10,000 flyer would have grown into $269,245 in a decade.

The same is true of Stock B.

It’s another digital payment processor that has seen staggering growth in the last few years.

Stock B’s shares were selling for just $20 in 2012 but have since done a moon shot as digital payment revolution gathers steam worldwide.

Stock B: Beating the S&P 8-to-1!

Recently, Stock B has been selling for around $65 a share — which represents a total return of 225% over the past three years.

That’s roughly 8 times more than the S&P 500 has returned in the same period.

Stock C: Annual return of 30% per year!

Another mobile payment processor, Stock C, also has seen similar gains that have left the overall market in the dust.

It sold for around $14 a share in 2010 but has been climbing steadily ever since.

It hit its recent high in late 2015 at $52 a share — an annual return of 30% a year for five years running.

Imagine making 12 times your investment
in just 2 years!

And then there’s Stock D.

Stock D: Up 1,250% in 2 years!

Stock D went from $4 a share in 2009 to $54 in about two years — for a total return of 1,250%.

A $10,000 investment in this digital payment stock would have netted you a tidy $125,000, again in about two years.

There are dozens of other examples of War on Cash plays that have produced similar, and in a few cases even bigger, gains.

That’s why it’s so important to take the bull by the horns ... and get ready for the profit opportunities from the NEXT PHASE of the digital payment revolution.

Best of all, it doesn’t take a lot of money to get started.

Depending upon the stock, a $500 investment could grow into as much as $6,000.

That’s what’s possible with when TRILLIONS of dollars change hands ... when cash businesses are forced by government edicts to use electronic payment systems like Paypal, Apple Pay and Square.

Small amounts could grow into 3-figure, even 4-figure windfalls ...

For example, take a look at Stock E.

Stock E: Up 1,200% in 2 years!

In 2010, the stock didn’t look like much.

This company produces global mobile capture and identity verification technologies for thousands of financial services organizations across the globe.

Not exactly what you’d call a “whisper stock.”

You could have picked up as many shares as you wanted in September 2010 for just 85 cents a share.

But then the first phase of the War on Cash kicked in — and this stock just kept going up and up.

By late 2012 Stock E was trading for $11.05 a share.

That’s a return of 1,200%.

It’s enough to turn every $10,000 investment into $130,000.

What could have they done for me lately? How about the power to turn $20,000 into $129,000!

Another example is Stock F.

Stock F: Up 646% in 4 years!

It makes the little chip they’re putting on credit cards now, for greater security.

In 2011, you could have picked up shares of Stock F for $15 each.

By last year, the stock, was selling for $112 a share — a total return of 646.6%.

If you had invested $20,000 in Stock F and simply forgotten about it, you would have woken up last year with an extra $129,200 sitting in your brokerage account. In four years.

With this degree of upside potential, this is the closest thing to a sure thing as is possible with stocks.

The profits investors are making right this minute in digital payment and financial privacy simply boggle the imagination.

Here’s another example: Stock G, a digital payment processing company, based in Kansas, that operates in Asia and Europe.

Its shares have climbed from around $16.50 in mid-2012 to $80 a share late last year.

Stock G: Up 384% in three years!

That’s a total return of 384.8% or an average of 69% a year.

Again, gains like these could grow small amounts of money into very large amounts fairly quickly: $10,000 would become $137,858 in just five years at that rate!

Now, we can’t go back in time to grab any of these profits, and catching the entire move will be difficult. But that’s okay because even if we can grab a fraction of these opportunities, your profits could be enormous. I also see so much more profit potential on the horizon, so at this point, you’re probably wondering ...

How can I find out more about these stocks?

The answer may surprise you ... because you can find out everything you need to know, free.

I’ve put together a special dossier of all the companies I’ve just mentioned.

These are companies that I believe will profit most from the War on Cash — and which will also help you do your part to fight back against this unconstitutional invasion of your privacy.

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