How to Know When to Buy and
Sell for Maximum Profits

About John Sheely

John Sheely has over 30 years as a professional trader and has managed funds in excess of $50 million. As a registered adviser and proprietary trader; he created effective hedge programs; helped proprietary trading firms create trading algorithms; and spent many years as an educator. As trading systems and models are being becoming more accepted in all asset classes, this new era offers a special opportunity for his experience and passion as a technical analyst and creator of many systematic models.

Because of his extensive experience as a professional fund manager, he has created several new strategies and countless indicators and market scans that have real applications and generate real returns. The creation of his courses and related indicators were born from his success as a trader, rather than the world of the hypothetical.

John has created many trading courses, established advisory services, and hundreds of videos presenting trading concepts and research..

John is an experienced registered Commodity Trading Advisor of managed funds in excess of $50 million. He was an Energy trader for Duke Energy and Cenauras, and an educator for trading stocks, commodities, and Forex.


Session 1: Classical Charting Analysis The Price Chart
Classical Charting Analysis Support and Resistance
Classical Charting Analysis Chart Patterns
Classical Charting  Analysis Candlestick Patterns
Session 2: Moving Averages
Directional Movement Index (DMI)
Commodity Channel Index (CCI)
The Concept of Divergence
Session 3: Relative Strength Indicator
Stochastic Indicator
Keltner Channels
Creating the Optimum Chart for Trade Analysis
Session 4: Live Market Analysis

Course Outline

A four-part series on the technical analysis on the timing on how to get in and out of specific trades for best profit opportunities. Included are detailed workbooks for each class session.


John Sheely

John Sheely
John Sheely began his professional trading career over thirty years ago, as he began trading for Commodity Corporation the premier trading company for the period.

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