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How the world’s greatest trader can help YOU turn $10,000 into enough money to RETIRE TODAY!

IN THIS REPORT — Grow rich the “Livermore” way:

  • The surprising secret that transformed a poor farm boy into America’s greatest investor …

  • How Livermore’s secret empowers you to buy stocks immediately before they surge, then SELL just before they plunge …

  • Why my models project that this approach could help you turn a $10,000 grubstake into $9.4 million for retirement …

  • How to secure your FREE copy of my comprehensive e-book on the Livermore way, “Pivotal Point Trading” — a $29.95 value, FREE

  • Three stocks Livermore would be betting a fortune
    on right now …

  • MUCH MORE below!

Dear Fellow Investor,

By now you’ve heard a lot about Jesse Livermore, history’s greatest trader:

You’ve heard how he started out with a $6 loan from his mother at the age of 14 and parlayed it into $29,000 by betting on stocks.

You’ve heard how he made $24 million in the Panic of 1907 ... $50 million in TEN MINUTES of trading on the cotton exchange... and a whopping $1.3 billion in a SINGLE WEEK during the crash of 1929.

You’ve heard all this by now. But you may be wondering...

“What Does Jesse Livermore Have
to Do with ME?”

What does this guy who was trading nearly a hundred years ago have to do with YOUR portfolio ... YOUR retirement ... YOUR dreams for the future?

Well, let me answer that question with a few questions of my own:

Are you satisfied with the money you’ve saved for retirement at this point?

Do you think you’ll have enough money to maintain your current lifestyle for another twenty, thirty, or even forty years?

If you’re already retired, are you living the life you hoped to live?

Do you have all the time and money you need to travel around the world? To visit your grandchildren on a whim? To play golf or go fishing whenever you want?

Golf every day ... or “Would you like fries with that?”

Or are you watching the stock market every day, wringing your hands and wondering if you can make your nest egg stretch as far as it needs to go?

What if I told you that Jesse Livermore had a way to take a modest $10,000 nest egg and turn it into a whopping $9.4 million fortune.

He called it “The Pivotal Point.”

And it works just as well in today’s market as it did 90 years ago when he used it to make a billion bucks in seven days!

Would YOU like to trade like Livermore?

Starting today, you can begin trading the Jesse Livermore way.  

And in this letter, I’m going to show you exactly how.

For starters, I’m going to give you the ticker symbols of three stocks that have recently crossed their Pivotal Point and are poised for spectacular growth.

The names of those stocks are revealed IN THIS LETTER.

You don’t need to click on anything, buy anything, or even give me your email address.

These recommendations are my free gift to you. If you want, you can call your broker or go online and buy these three stocks today.

“Pivotal Point Trading” is yours FREE!

What’s more, I’d also like to send you a free copy of my new e-book Pivotal Point Trading.

It explains in step-by-step fashion — and in plain English — exactly how to apply Jesse Livermore’s trading techniques to today’s stock market. 

Finally, I’m going to give you a special invitation. It’s an invitation to join a new kind of trading service that I call the PIVOTAL POINT TRADER.

It’s not cheap. 

And it’s not for everybody. 

But the mere fact that you’ve come this far tells me that you’re the kind of investor who can use this service to help you make money.

Start with as little as $10,000

Jesse Livermore’s “Pivotal Point” can be used by any investor with any size portfolio — whether it’s as much as $100,000 or as modest as $10,000.

Like Babe Ruth, Jesse Livermore was a homerun hitter. And like Ruth, he had his share of strikeouts, too.

But Livermore’s techniques can be used by a more cautious investor to crank out a series of singles, doubles, and triples …

Making steady, reliable gains with much less risk.

Two out of three trades have been winners:

Our back-tested portfolio, for example, has shown that 63.1% of our trades have been winners since 1999:

  • Celgene achieved a 47% gain in 196 days.
  • Conoco Phillips turned a 48% profit in 399 days.
  • Apple went up 55% in just 42 days.
  • HP yielded a 64% return in only 98 days.
  • TJX returned nearly 72% in only 195 days.
  • And IDTI turned in a 340% gain in just 308 days — enough to quadruple your investment in less than a year.

Trade like Livermore, LIVE  like Livermore!

What “toy” would you like to buy?

Which means that even though you might not be able to afford a 200-foot yacht like Livermore’s …

That 22-foot runabout you’ve had your eyes on could be well within your reach.

Is it time to renovate your home?

Even though you may not be able to buy a 50-room mansion on Long Island like Livermore did …

You could certainly renovate that basement of yours or maybe even put a swimming pool in the backyard.

Even though you may not be able to travel in your own railroad car like Livermore and stay in a luxurious hotel for three months at a time …

What’s your dream vacation?

You could take that long-awaited vacation you’ve been promising your family for years.

Most importantly, you’ll put your retirement nest egg on a path to safe and steady
growth …

The kind of steady growth that could allow you to quit work five, ten, maybe even 15 years earlier than you planned.

3 keys to putting the “Pivotal Point” to
work for you:

How can you make that happen?

For starters, I’d like to send you a free copy of my new e-book Pivotal Point Trading.

In it you’ll find the 3 keys to making the “Pivotal Point” work for you in your own investments. For example:

  1. I’ll tell you how to look for stocks that have recently crossed their 18-month moving average …
  2. How to understand the “Keltner Channel” and the role it plays in determining whether a stock is underbought or overbought …
  3. And most importantly, how to exploit the difference between the public perception of a stock and the untold story of the company behind it …

Because it’s the gap between perception and reality where great fortunes are made.

That’s what Jesse Livermore was constantly looking for.

And it’s what he found after the San Francisco earthquake … during the Panic of 1907 … and the crash of 1929 when he made nearly $1.3 billion in 7 days.

Tell your boss, “I QUIT TODAY!”

It's also what helped me build a back-tested portfolio that earned a 27.3% annualized return over 17 of the most turbulent years in American history.

And a total non-compounded return of 7,051.6%

Compare that to the 76% return of the S&P 500 in the same time frame.

It’s the difference between turning a $10,000 nest egg into a modest $17,600 …

Or turning it into a $760-thousand-dollar portfolio that would let you tell your boss:


And if you add short-selling to your strategy, the returns get even better.

(I’ll tell you how much better in a moment.)

But don’t take my word for it.

I want you to prove it to yourself.

These 3 stocks have recently reached their Pivotal Point:

That’s why I’m going to take the unusual step of giving you the names and ticker symbols of three stocks that are in the PIVOTAL POINT TRADER portfolio at the time of this writing:

  1. The first of these is Urban Edge Properties.  (TICKER: UE), a real estate investment trust that owns dozens of shopping malls in the New York-Boston-Washington corridor.   Shopping malls in the age of Amazon?   That’s right!  Because these malls are in ultra-affluent neighborhoods which provide a Warren Buffett-style “moat” against the competition—and they’re making money hand over fist.
  2. The second is HCA Holdings, Inc. (TICKER: HCA). This $30 billion health-care company is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the growing trend toward out-patient treatment and drug-abuse rehab. After a steady rise, the stock recently pulled back to its Pivotal Point and triggered our computer model to flash “BUY!”
  3. The third is L3 Technologies, Inc. (TICKER: LLL), an aerospace defense contractor.   L3 may turn out to be the biggest winner of the Trump era.  It’s not the largest defense contractor by far, but it makes the best-in-class security, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance devices.  As the Republican congress ramps up Defense spending by 3% or more over the next year, you could watch L3 shares soar to new heights.  

“It’s never too late to buy a stock going up”

“Stocks are never too high to begin buying.”

Is it too late to buy these stocks now?  

As Jesse Livermore said, “Stocks are never too high to begin buying.”

So, you can call your broker, or log onto your online brokerage account, and place the order today.

Do it now if you want … I’ll wait!

But before you do, let me give you an important warning:

WARNING: Will you know when to sell?

As you know, timing is everything in the stock market.

To maximize your profits, you have to be as good at finding the top Pivotal Point as you were at finding the bottom. 

Because it takes time to put a letter like this on the Internet, it’s possible we’ve already received the sell signal for these stocks.  

Or that we will sell them soon.

I wish I could call each and every person reading this letter and tell you when our computer model signals “SELL” on Urban Edge Properties, L3 Technologies, Inc., or HCA Holdings.

But obviously I can’t do that.

That’s why I’d like to make you a special invitation:

You’re invited to become a member of
Pivotal Point Trader

I want to invite you to join a select group of investors who have agreed to test the PIVOTAL POINT TRADER system with their own investment capital.

But let me hasten to add, this is not for everybody …

You must have investment capital of at least $10,000 that you can devote to giving the PIVOTAL POINT TRADER a full and fair test.

You must be willing to spend some time and effort making these trades. Although I estimate it will be no more than ten minutes a week.

And you must be willing to invest in both the long and take some additional risk by playing the short side of the market.

Because as Jesse Livermore said, there’s no bull side to the market and no bear side.  Just the right side.

Here’s how

We maintain two small and easy-to-manage portfolios:

A long portfolio which is always designed to invest in just 10 stocks that have recently crossed their Pivotal Point on their way up.

And a market-timing portfolio that will focus on the S&P 500 Index and can be either long, or short, or leveraged depending on market conditions.

(When it goes short, it uses easy-to-buy inverse ETF’s.)

This portfolio follows Livermore’s belief that in a bull market you should trade with the bulls … but in a bear market you should trade with the bears.

If the market turns south, we’ll use inverse ETF’s and leverage them by a factor of one, two, or even three times to take full advantage of the drop.

Because the great thing about short-side trading is that you can make money fast.

Get rich slowly AND quickly!

If you’re worried about what the coming year will bring — and who isn’t? — relax!

Because the more volatile the market is the better the PIVOTAL POINT TRADER works.

In the financial crisis year of 2008, the tested method recorded a 62.6% gain.

In the Internet bear market years of 2001 and 2002, the system logged a gain in testing of 72.9% and 91.4%!

Looking forward, I’m projecting 52.9% annualized returns over the next 16 years when you combine both the long and short portfolios.

That’s a total compounded return of 94,768%.

Which is enough to turn an investment of $10,000 into $9.4 million dollars.

In short, if the market goes up, you’ll get rich slowly. 

But if the market goes down, you could get even richer … faster!

This strategy is designed to make money in ANY market!

The bottom line is that your money will always be invested in a way designed to earn safe, reliable, steady returns in ANY kind of market …

Whether it’s going up, down, or sideways.

As a Member of PIVOTAL POINT TRADER, you’ll get:

  • A FREE COPY of Pivotal Point Trading, the owner’s manual for PIVOTAL POINT TRADER, so you’ll always understand the reason behind our trades.
  • Our PIVOTAL POINT PORTFOLIO listing the 10 stocks that have recently crossed their Pivotal Point and are poised for significant growth.
  • And our MASTERMIND TIMING PORTFOLIO of our hedged and sometimes leveraged ETF positions, so you’ll be protected against downside risk whenever the market takes a turn for the worse.

Once you decide that the trade is right for you, all you have to do is spend 15 minutes on the phone with your broker and invest $10,000 or more to give the PIVOTAL POINT TRADER a full and fair test.

Follow the “line of least resistance ...”

Then just sit tight and let Livermore’s “line of least resistance” do its job.

As soon as one of the stocks in the long portfolio hits its top Pivotal Point, I’ll notify you to sell.

Or go short using the ETF’s in our market-timing portfolio.

And I’ll make sure you get the message quickly.

I’ll send you an alert by email. 

Or I’ll send a text directly to your smartphone. (With your permission, of course.)

Even if you’re basking on a beach in the Bahamas, I’ll get the word to you.

You’ll get up-to-the-minute information:

In the meantime, I’ll keep you informed of what’s happening with all of our positions.

  • You’ll get a WEEKLY INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING via email.
  • You’ll get UNLIMITED 24/7 ACCESS to our private, password-protected website with up-to-the-minute reports and analysis of every position in both portfolios.
  • To make it even easier for you, I’ve set up a VIP HELP DESK. Not to give you financial advice, but to help you with any question, concern, comment, or suggestion you may have about the PIVOTAL POINT TRADER.

Here’s why memberships are strictly limited:

Obviously, with this level of white-glove attention, we have to limit the number of investors who can join the PIVOTAL POINT TRADER.

To do so, we must set the price at a level that will discourage anyone who is less than serious about giving the service a full and fair try.

If we made the PIVOTAL POINT TRADER too cheap, we’d be flooded with new members and I couldn’t give you the level of service I’ve promised to provide.

What’s worse, we’d run the risk of “moving the market” on some of our trades.

I don’t want that to happen. 

So, that’s why I have to keep the price of the PIVOTAL POINT TRADER high enough to maintain a limited number of members.

But the regular price does NOT apply to you ...

Having said that, membership in the PIVOTAL POINT TRADER is not as expensive as you might think.

Given the kind of steady, reliable gains you could see from the long portfolio …

And the fast profits you could enjoy from our hedged portfolio …

Plus, the high level of personalized service, you’ll get from the PIVOTAL POINT TRADER

I wouldn’t blame you if you guessed the price to be $5,000 … $4,000 … or $3,000 a year at the very least.

But today, it is only $2,400 per year!

Or call TOLL-FREE 1-800-393-0189
(Overseas call 1-561-627-3300)

Please don’t hesitate to click the invitation button right now

Dozens, maybe even hundreds, of people have already done so. 

As soon as we reach our quota of members, that’s it. Doors closed. No exceptions. No second chances.

After you click that button, you’ll have all the time you need to review my invitation and decide if it’s right for you.

Your Membership is guaranteed 3 ways:

And you won’t risk a penny because the PIVOTAL POINT TRADER is guaranteed three ways:

GUARANTEE #1 is a 90-day money-back guarantee of complete satisfaction. If you’re not pleased with the PIVOTAL POINT TRADER for any reason — or if you simply change your mind — you’ll get ALL YOUR MONEY BACK. Period. No questions asked.

GUARANTEE #2 is a one-year guarantee of steady, safe, reliable gains in our long portfolio. Either the stocks in this portfolio give you a return of 20% over the next year, or I will give you a second year of membership in PIVOTAL POINT TRADER absolutely free. (If you sign up for two years, today, you’ll get another two years free!)

GUARANTEE #3 is a guarantee that if the overall market turns down over the next year, you will be laughing all the way to the bank! Because if the S&P 500 finishes lower by the end of your first year of membership, I expect the fully-leveraged MASTERMIND TIMING PORTFOLIO will achieve gains of at least 25%. If not, your second year of membership in the PIVOTAL POINT TRADER is absolutely free! (Or if you sign up for two years today, you’ll get ANOTHER two years for free!).

So, to recap, here’s exactly what you’ll get when you click the button below:

You’ll get a FREE COPY of Pivotal Point Trading to explain in plain English how Jesse Livermore’s strategy has been “reverse engineered” for the 21st Century. So you can make money in ANY market — whether it’s going up, down or sideways.

You’ll get the PIVOTAL POINT PORTFOLIO of 10 long-side stocks that have recently crossed their Pivotal Point and are poised for explosive growth.

And you’ll get the MASTERMIND TIMING PORTFOLIO of hedged positions that will not only help you protect and preserve your profits … but is specifically designed to also turn a profit when the market is going down.

Remember, you’ll also get INSTANT ALERTS from me by both email and text message (with your permission, of course) when it’s time to make a trade. 

Plus, you’ll get a WEEKLY UPDATE AND ANALYSIS via email to keep you up-to-date on all of our long and short positions.

You’ll have complete 24/7 access to our PASSWORD PROTECTED MEMBERS-ONLY WEBSITE where you can find data, analysis, and charts on every stock or ETF we have in the portfolio … and where it stands in relation to its Pivotal Point. 

Finally, you’ll have a VIP HELP DESK to answer any question, address any concern, and walk you through any trades I’ve recommended.  

As soon as you click the button below, your membership savings of more than half off the regular price is LOCKED IN.

Or call TOLL-FREE 1-800-393-0189
(Overseas call 1-561-627-3300)

But after that, you can take all the time you need to review the PIVOTAL POINT TRADER and make your final decision.

As Jesse Livermore once said, “A man may know what to do and still lose money — if he doesn’t do it quickly enough.”

So, don’t wait a moment longer.

Click the button below and become a member of the PIVOTAL POINT TRADER today!


Jon Markman
Senior Analyst
Weiss Research

Or call TOLL-FREE 1-800-393-0189
(Overseas call 1-561-627-3300)

P.S. Clicking here does not obligate you to join. Take all the time you need to make your final decision!